Tuesday, October 1, 2013

All in a week's plan

Before I came to US, I envisaged myself to be a real couch potato, watching TV or cuddling up with a good book. Panda knew better, that I'm someone who likes to find things to do and keep busy.

Here's what this week's schedule looks like:

- Housework: vacuum, change bed sheets, make "pizzas" (folding clothes)
- Meet ups with San Mateo French Club. C'est a bon moyen d'ameliorer mon francais!

- We are gonna sing for Olivia at Wini's place! I'm gonna bring my ukulele and we will do some worship songs together. And then we will eat the leftover pork ribs from BBQ.
- Gym time!

- Arts & Craft. For Etsy and myself! I made a new scarf last Saturday and quite like the effect. Instead of an old unwanted top which I'd never wear again, I have a new scarf and a new top. Panda's super amused with me.

- Send the Leow family to airport? They are heading to Copenhagan for holidays. Nice!
- Gym time!

- Medical appointment.
- Meeting Yvonne and her family in US for the last time. Sobs. They are going back to Singapore this Sunday and we are going to The Boiling Crab before they fly off.

I've been receiving quite a few requests from the online part-time job but time zone is really a problem. Sometimes I'm already asleep when the request comes in. Oops! I do hope the assignments will keep coming so that I have some work to do. I actually miss working.

Another challenge that I've given myself is one French essay a week! I've asked Panda to give me a topic for research. The first topic? Discuss how companies could take advantage of iPhone5S' new thumbprint technology.


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