Sunday, October 6, 2013

The little ones

Today at Sunday School, we did a 'Remember and Celebrate' session to test the kids' memory on what they've learnt for the past 5 weeks. We played ZONK with questions relating to Adam and Even, Noah's Ark, Abraham and Sarah, Jacob and Esau. It's a fabulous way of summarising the lessons!
And the challenges were most interesting. Panda, who was waiting outside, said he could totally hear us screaming and getting all high in the room. I marvelled at the kids' enthusiasm. We had so much fun!

Stack them up! Make a sturdy tower out of 3 water dispenser bottles.
Use your breathe to keep the feathers up in the air for 60s!

Within 1 min, take all the tissue out from the box with one hand.

Put pencils at the back of your hand, let them slide off and then catch them mid-air!

Flick as many cards as you can into the open watermelon.

Put petroleum jelly on your nose and transfer cotton balls from one plate to another!

Faye, my ex colleague, often reminds me not to get too caught up in service such that I forgot to maintain my own faith in God. She's worried that I will get into a "performance trap".
Actually I think my faith in God and my understanding of Him is strengthened because of my involvement in the children ministry. As I prepare for the small group lessons, when I interact with children and answer their questions about God, when I come home after Sunday School, I just want to worship God.
I'm closer to Him because I always learn something new. I might have heard the stories a thousand times before, but there's always something awesome to learn.
I'm just really glad to be part of His ministry. :)
(And I'm learning so much about American games like ZONK and Hot Potato!)

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