Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Arts & craft: the apple of my eye

This is for bb O, who will be flying back to Singapore with her parents next week. The family is returning home for good, which means we will have one less neighbour to hang out with in FC! :(

The design is called Apple of My Eye because I think that's what bb O is in her parents' eyes. She has the softest hair, sweetest rainbow-eyed smile, and heartiest laugh. And if you know her story, you will understand how just by looking at her, one is reminded of God's grace and providence in life. Oh, all the aunties are gonna miss her!

I thought long and hard whether to put this up on SGUS because I wanted it to be a special thing for bb O. In the end, I decide to go ahead because it's still a cute design which I love very much and want to share with others.

Already, it has two 'favourites' within the first 5 minutes of listing. It's always an encouragement to know there are people viewing and liking, even without purchase.

In any case, hope bb O will be able to use this someday, and remember Auntie Grace.

God bless this little baby!

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