Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Peaceful start to the week

Compared to the action-packed weekend, the first two days of the new week seemed to have passed by slowly and 'peacefully'.

On Monday, after an early morning bubbly tea rendez-vous with Wendy, I crawled back to the sofa, wrapped myself up with the throw, and continued my never-ending affair with Lincoln. It's one of those heavy content books that you are reluctant to pick up; but once you do, you will find it hard to let go. 

I'm at the mid point now, at Lincoln's early days as President, trying to manage both the impending civil war as well as his cabinet of ambitious, capable but egoistic men.

(For those interested: The New York Time's review of the book is here.)

So anyway, this lasted for a while until it was time to attend the French Club gatherings (I really need to improve on my French!). I didn't notice how dark the room had turned, and I kinda liked how the sun casts shadows on the wall as it sets.

I think it's a luxury to be able to stare into space and do nothing.

Then today, at our now 'regular' worship session at Winifred's, Yiru introduced a new song, Beautiful Things by indie band Gungor. I also shared another, To Believe by Jackie Evancho. I absolutely love the prayerful lyrics and her rich voice. Awesome gift for a young girl. 

We also had a chance to talk a little bit more about personal stuff. I really, really thank God for connecting us, allowing us to share comfortably. As we leave, I took home a big goodie bag - jackets and clothes and other stuff that were on their way to the donation bin. Winifred said I could look through them and decide if I want to keep them.

I quite like digging through second hand items, just like at flea markets and vintage stores. And I love stories behind a piece of clothing (e.g. where and when it was bought, was it one of those comfy ones you wear countless times? )

I am officially a hoarder!

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