Friday, October 4, 2013

A trip to the doctor's

Finally, finally went for my medical appointment today. I had it scheduled two months ago but it's been postponed a number of times for one reason or another - the unexpected early arrival of (ahem!) the monthly visitor, the doctor's father falling sick...

I'm actually quite glad the check-up is finally completed!

And Panda said it's a good use of my health insurance since I did a PAP smear, had a flu jab, and then a tetanus and whooping cough vaccine too (my arm is still sore from it). I'm thinking it'll cost around $200 back home but here, it's all covered under "health maintenance", as the clinic lady said.

When I first arrived in US, the health care system totally puzzled me. Like, what do you mean I have to pre-register at a particular clinic to see a particular doctor? I can't do walk-ins? What, oh medicine is not dispense here? I have to select a pharmacy then make a trip down to get medicine? (What if I faint along the way?)

I used to take health care for granted because it's so accessible and affordable back home. Unlike here, there wasn't a need to get health insurance and I could go to any doctor without the fear of being turned away.

I'm only realising now how blessed one is to be able to afford a doctor. We are on budget living here and our medical insurance can go up to a few hundred per month. I shudder to think of the low-income households (those I've met at Samaritan House) - how to afford insurance and take care of daily meals/needs at the same time?

The current debate over health care has led to the shutting down of the US government. Can the officials act like adults and find a resolution soon? It's really ironic because furloughed workers = no income = less money to afford necessities like medical care.

* Found this ObamaCare Facts online.

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