Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday madness

It's so chilly today! Quite unusual since we had warm weather the past few days. Normally I would curl up in bed and not wake up until lunch time. But I surprised myself by accomplishing much.

First, the girls came over in the morning and we had an extremely fun tennis session. Then, we had a fabulous brunch! Check out the spread. It was meant to be a small brunch after exercise, but one thing led to another and we eventually had jumbo scallops, mussels in white wine source, garlic bread and mini burgers!

After the girls left I did the laundry (gasp!) and vacuumed the house. Then I went to the gym to do another 2.4 miles on the machine and some exercise with a medicine ball. I need to get back to my 3.2 mile mark soon!

Next came the overdue manicure. I had bought a tube of gold glitters from Jo Ann (it was only $0.99!) In an attempt to be more festive, I painstakingly arranged these tiny gold flecks one by one against a red background. By the time I was done, it was 8pm. But hey, I'm ready for...... Christmas?

I'm now waiting for my hair to dry. And while waiting, I'm going to do my last task for the day.  That is, to start preparing for this Sunday's lesson. Time to quieten my heart after a day of activities, and experience God's presence.

I saved the best for the last, hein?

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