Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Brunch at Winifred's

I haven't played the ukulele for anyone for a long time. I missed the care group back in Singapore where we will croon a few worship songs before bible studies. So I was totally excited to bring my ukulele to play for bb O - it's her first praise and worship gathering!

We brought leftover pork ribs from last week's BBQ (how thrifty we are!) and had a hearty brunch before sitting down in the living room a la picnic style. Sang a number of fast songs cos Wendy said don't bore her with the sloooooow ones. So we did Mary's Little Boy Child too - it's never too early for Christmas! 

But bb O was more interested in my song book than the singing. And she sort of pooped in the middle of it. Maybe she found the aunties' singing too 'stimulating'. ^ ^

We paused to fetch Z from school and came back to have dessert - lovely fresh cream puffs made by Winifred. She shared that she simply bought puff pastry from Safeway and used this recipe, but we were impressed nonetheless! They tasted as awesome as they looked. 

Btw, I love this photo of me and bb O. I was trying to make her laugh so I placed my camera in front of her and said "heh heh heh heh heh!!!!". She immediately broke into giggles. She is so precious!

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