Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First road trip... into the woods!

We accomplished something great on New Year's Day in USA. We survived our first road trip! It's an amazing accomplishment according to our standards because we are simply the laziest bums and it's hard getting our butts out of bed at 7am and then driving more than 4 hours drive up north.

Was Humboldt Redwoods State Park worth the effort? We were debating about it on the way to and back. It was US-101 all the way (and we got to cross the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time!) but thereafter it was mostly your normal freeway scenery. We passed by cute little towns like Willits where we stopped for gas and toilet breaks, and it was only when we got nearer to the Humboldt county that we started to spot the tall sequioa trees along the road.

It was rather quiet when we arrived as it was New Year's Day, but thank God the Visitors' Centre was open. We snuck in for warmth, and were given directions to the fallen Dyerville Giant (1,600 years-old!) by friendly grandmas and grandpas manning the place.

It wasn't hard finding the Founder's Grove where, if we follow the trail, would lead us to the fallen giant. But the close-to-zero temperature was proving too much for us tropical creatures, who were ill-dressed for winter. After trying our best to take as much photos as we can, we jumped right back into the car without seeing the giant, munched on our nutella bread, and drank hot honey to calm our freezing souls before heading home.

So... that's about it. We drove 4 hours to not see something for an hour and then headed home. So typical of us! Hahaha...

Well it's still something considering that we've never driven so far before. At least now we know we can last at least 4 hours... and oh yes, we discovered what the 'cruise' function on our car is for. Very useful if the driver needs to rest his/her leg on a long, long stretch of road!


  1. Backside still pain


  2. Mine too! Hahaha! But at least we know we are capable of driving longer distances! To LA and beyond next!!!!

  3. Seems like a great place to visit despite the 4 hour car ride!

  4. Haha Lynn we were too cold and tired to explore further. It would have been even better and more exciting if we hike in!