Sunday, October 13, 2013

An unplanned sports day

I was lying on the sofa after I got back from church, feeling sad about how badly my Sunday School went (it was a little chaotic today with a large group of kids and I was zombie-like from the lack of sleep), wondering if I should nap the whole day...

... when my WhatsApp started blinking with messages from Jo.

That was the start of the most spontaneous sports day of my life.

Fifteen minutes later, we were down at the Marinas Point driving range watching Vic and the Leows in action. I wasn't even in proper sports gear because I just wanted to check out the place for my parents. (The driving range is decent enough and the price looks OK too - $14 for 148 balls.)

Then as we were about to leave, I got a text from Jasmine asking if we want to play volleyball. Of course! I love volleyball!

Since the estate has volleyball, basketball and tennis courts, the whole lot of us at the driving range headed back to my little den to munch on nuggets, chips, garlic bread and mini burgers (yes, leftovers from brunch!) while waiting for the 'team' to arrive.

We ended up playing basketball, then volleyball, then tennis until the sky was too dark and we were all too hungry.

Just like that. We exercised the whole afternoon in a totally random manner. It's too hilarious.

And our reward? Awesome Korean food at Soon's Tofu.

I may be biased about the place because I was starving, but I think the food was really yummy and the service was excellent. I love the banchan (side dishes) and chapchae (stir fried sweet potato noodles). The only thing is, I should have asked for very spicy ramen sundubu!

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