Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Exit Interview: Goodbye, San Francisco! :(

Fisherman's Wharf on our last day in San Francisco

On the eve of our departure from US, I thought it would be apt to conduct an exit interview with ourselves.

1. What is your greatest takeaway from this 2-year stay in US?

Me: My greatest 'takeaway' is the extra 4kg on my butt, my arms and the waistline. I blame it on the huge serving portions, and the cheap Ben & Jerry's at Safeway ($3 for a pint!).

On a serious note, I think my worldview has broadened so much. It's all from the people I meet. It was awesome making friends with kids as young as first-graders and people as mature as retirees. I grew so much as a person just by talking to them, taking in their perspectives. The world is a whole lot bigger than we thought, and I think we do ourselves injustice by not exploring it.

Panda: Friendship, definitely. We established a lot of strong friendship here. Most of us are so caught up with our lives back in Singapore. We don't spend as much time really talking to one another. I like it that people here really put in the effort to know you as a person.

2. What will you miss most about this place?

Me: I will miss everything. The weather, the shopping, the travels, the parks, the car (Turbo!), the friends. Most importantly, I will miss myself - the carefree self whose only task in life is to cook and wait for the hubsand to come home, then enjoy an uninterrupted conversation with him. Life is meant to be this simple.

Panda: All my friends, including my co-workers. Everyone says they will miss me!

3. Are you looking forward to going home?

Me: A few weeks ago, I would have said no. But Grandpa is sick and I want to be there for him. Also, I think I really should get back to work. It is important for a girl to be financially independent.

Panda: Yes. I mean, we are leaving with good memories. We mustn't look back; we must look forward. So, I am looking forward to returning home.

4. What other last words do you have to say before closing this chapter of your life?

Me: Goodbyes are not forever. We came two years ago with five fat suitcases. We leave two years later with 20 additional boxes of belongings, a shipload of memories, and a belief that one day we would be out there exploring again. Maybe that's our greatest takeaway, that we are never too old or too late to be adventurous. 

Panda: I thank my wife for spending these two years with me. I think we have great memories, and we will continue to build new ones!

Last lunch at Little Italy
Christmas spirit at Pier 39

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