Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Another arts & craft day!

I have been spending too much time with babies and kids! I was just telling Wendy and Winifred that I can't be around kids for too long because I tend to get really hyperactive when I'm with them and I'll cause them to get overly excited too and so at the end of the day we will all be deflated.
But I love being around with kids (that is, if their parents don't mind)! Their positive energy rubs off you and they are a source of inspiration!
Well today is my arts & craft day. I have started to doodle throughout the week so that I'd remember some of the ideas I have. It's amazing how the final product always turns out completely different at the end of it. I had intended to twist a wire cube pendant, but after playing around with the wire I realised I could actually make a swing!
And then the big blue bead in the middle is the adult that refuses to grow up - could that be me (?)

I made two of these, but decided to only put one up at SGUS for sale because I really like it. Panda helped me to take some photos at the balcony. It's fun to get the hubs involved in silly girly business.
I was lamenting to Panda this afternoon that I still haven't made any stranger sale yet! But he just simply asked: "Are you enjoying it?" 
Yes, I said.
And to him that's all that matters.
I think he'd only mind if I start adorning him with all my unwanted creations come Christmas time.

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