Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Great food + company = a blessed day!

We enjoyed ourselves so much last week that we decided to do another worship session today. Yiru, who's taking a break from work, also joined us in crooning some songs. It's so awesome to have a group that worships the Lord together!

We also popped by Safeway in the morning to get some sandwich rolls for brunch. The deli roll (all rolled up tray) was absolutely delicious, especially after we heated it up in the oven. 

Bb O also joined us at the brunch table, listening in to our conversations and grinning every now and then. She's so adorable that I couldn't help but take many, many photos of her. 

Met Panda for lunch because he said we should spend more time together before he heads back home to extend his visa. I heart the Earl Grey Milk Tea at Ocha Tea Café so we went back to try their small selection of food. We shared the Crispy Chicken Rice (ard $5.95) and Minced Pork Rice (ard $3.95). It's sooooo yummy!

Invited Jo to come over and have dinner with us because Vic is away on a short business trip. I only cooked three dishes - 风味可乐鸡腿、油菜 and 煎鱼. We ended the meal with coffee, ice-cream, and loads of chit-chatting.

Today is all about simple food and warm company. And it totally made my day!


  1. Time flies and Kor will be back soon!
    Looking forward to see you end of this year! ;)

  2. Haha yes your bro is so excited to go back! He said the first dish he will eat is nasi lemak!

    I'm looking forward to see you guys and eat all the good food too! Must start exercising now!!! :D