Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ice-cream temptation at Palo Alto

I love, love ice-cream. Correction. Chocolate ice-cream.

Which was why when Jo and Vic tempted me with an invitation to Tin Pot Creamery, I barely had a 1-sec hesitation before saying yes! I haven't even had dinner yet! But for good chocolate ice-cream, I would gladly reverse the meal order.

So tonight, I decided to be a little more adventurous. Other than a safe chocolate flavour, I ordered Earl Grey and Pumpkin Spice - October is the month for pumpkins, right? 

Verdict: I still like chocolate the most. Earl Grey was a little disappointing, Pumpkin Spice was interesting in a nice way, but Rich Chocolate with TCHO Shards was unbeatable!

And the good thing about Tin Pot is that its ice-cream doesn't melt fast (yay, cos I don't eat melty ice-cream!) The bad thing is that the shop closes at 9pm. Too early!

There were also no seats in the shop so we stood outside to eat our ice-creams. It was freezing but the feeling of eating ice-cream on a chilly night was awesome. Halfway through, we snuck into CVS to get some warmth while Vic checked out his stuff.

It was such an impromptu ice-cream night - you can tell by our bare/make-up free faces. Heh! But it was fun. And when I got home, I still have hot watercress soup packed by Jo as my proper dinner. My sweet housewife friends have been taking turns to pack soup/dinner for me the lone lady. So niceeeeee!

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