Sunday, November 23, 2014

Week at a glance: 18-22 Nov

We accomplished quite a bit this week! According to the original plan, we would have already handed back the house to the landlord on 23 November. But we postponed the date due to an earlier twist of events, so here we are, still staying in this awesome house that we called home for the past two years. 

Just much more a tad messy with the packing. Heh. 

18 November 

The dining table was the first to go! Sobs. It held so many of my anyhow-styled kitchen creations. Now the space is transformed into a packing 'warehouse'. 

19 November

Bye bye to... the bed frame. Thank God we still have our mattress to sleep on. Panda's colleague E is buying over our mattress and she's cool with us using it till the last day. It's actually kind of cosy sleeping on the floor. Hmmm... Why did we buy the bed frame in the first place? 

Housewives' lunch at Flora's! We have been spoilt rotten by home-cooked food these past two years. I hope I will continue with this habit of cooking meals when I return. Yes to steamed, stir-fried, oven baked goodness. No to oily, MSG-laden hawker food. 

Oh yes, throw out the canned food too.

20 November

Received news that Grandpa is in the hospital. The doctors found a 8cm x 6cm tumor in his abdomen. Cried buckets because I was suddenly afraid that he might just go. Please be strong and healthy like you've always been, yeye. I am coming back soon!

21 November

A cold, rainy November day. Perfect for staying indoors and continuing the party with boxes, bubble wraps and masking tape. Halfway through I got worried about my new bicycle, stranded on the patio in the heavy downpour. Made a feeble attempt to cover it with my poncho. It wasn't easy trying to secure the make-shift cover while juggling the umbrella between my cheek and shoulder.

I just hope the humidity doesn't get to the chains too much.

Just a while more, bicycle! You will have a shelter in our new old place.

22 November

French Club farewell party organised by sweet Kia! We had food, forgot about the wine which I put i the fridge (oops!) and played Taboo in French (after wrestling the cards from baby V who was chewing on them). We also raided Kia's lemon plant before leaving. Such a fun afternoon with the ladies.

Merci beaucoup, tout le monde. Restons en contact, d'accord?

Night out in SF city with the gang. Crystal Jade Jiang Nan just opened in the Embarcadero Centre and we paid a visit to support this Singaporean chain. The food is great, but I'm so not a foodie, as one can tell from my disinterested description of food ('great', 'awesome', 'good', 'yum') I was really there for the company, and that rock!

Singaporeans United in SF!

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