Friday, October 18, 2013

Girls' night out

I didn't expect downtown Redwood City to be bustling with people on a Thursday night - the night of our first girls' outing!

When we came last November, Panda and I tried a couple of restaurants there because we were staying near the office. Since then, we didn't go back to explore further because we were content with the small eateries at San Mateo and Burlingame. And back in winter, Redwood City's Broadway/Main Street looked cold, dark and a little ghetto-ish.

So it came as a surprise to me when I saw restaurants overflowing with people. And I think it made the outing even more 'exciting'! We had all dressed up a little for the occasion - set our hair, do our make-up, worn our heels. The crowd made me feel as if we were really out in town, even though it's only Redwood City!

The first two restaurants Martin West GP and Vesta looked awesome but were unfortunately full to the brim with a 45-minute wait. So we settled for a cosy Italian restaurant next to Vesta. The wait staff at Vino Santo Bistro were really friendly and our food arrived in good time. Jo and I both order pasta (Fettuccini Vino Santo and Linguine Con Gamberi) while Winifred and Wendy had dinner specials (Risotto Con Merluzzo & Gamberi and steak).

 I must admit I'm happiest with my vodka cocktail. It's been too long since I had one.

The chocolate decadence was deemed a disappointment. But by the time dessert came, I was too happily engaged in chit chatting and giggling to feel the difference. And since I'm a simple eater, anything with chocolate goes! We ended up staying till we were one of the last two tables to leave.

We were all still quite high as Turbo Francis faithfully ferried each of the housewives home. I think the next time we have a girls' outing, we will be sorely missing Winifred's presence as she will be heading home in less than 2 weeks. Boohoho!

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