Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fusion BBQ brought to you by the FC Housewives Club!

I shall not claim credit as I only brought my trusted fried bee hoon to the table, like I always do at potlucks and gatherings. For tonight's BBQ spread, Jo the grand chef marinated the tastiest chicken wings ever (secret recipe below!) and grilled everything from asparagus to pork ribs to finger-licking perfection. Wendy the mama made yummy, yummy chicken curry (with real coconut milk)! April brought lotsa Cantonese chow mein that goes really well with the gravy, and Winifred baked chocolate cookies for dessert! I forgot what Jasmine and Adeline brought (oops!) but it's OK cos I really enjoyed everyone's company.

And I realised I just typed everything in one long paragraph.

I really need to calm down after getting all hyped up this evening. I tend to talk A LOT, especially with people I know. And when I talk, I talk fast and furious and get all animated so I am so out of energy now.

But it's fun. When you are overseas, having a group of people whom you can hang out with makes a lot of difference.

Thank God for the tiny, homey community here!

Chit-chatting over food. We have Asian + Western combined!

Joel and Jasmine, the 'newly-weds' of 4 years. ^ ^

Jo, the master chef, at work with Vic, her sous-chef.
Jo's chicken wings recipe!

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