Saturday, October 5, 2013

Farewell... for now

Boohohoho! Today we bid farewell to Yvonne and family who are heading back home after their study stint. We seldom drive down to Monterey where they stayed, but when we do, we always try to meet up for brunch or a walk along the beautiful Monterey Bay.

I still remember how they took pity on us when we first arrived. It was winter, the day was short, and we were a little worried about driving two hours back to FC after dinner at Monterey. So Yvonne and family kindly offered to let us stay with them so that we could make the trip back in the morning.

The breakfast with old town coffee and homemade bread next day was so good that Panda kept asking me: "When can we go back to Yvonne's place to have the bread again??"

Well I'm really glad that we managed to have a proper dinner together before they go (The Boiling Crab, again! But it's really, really good.) Even happier to have a dim sum brunch together and to join them for their last shopping trip at Livermore (Shopaholics united)! I was quite entertained by the kiddos' commentaries about their Disneyland rides. They'd ask: "Did you ride (name of ride)?" and if you say yes, their eyes would brighten up. Hahahaha.

Well, farewell for now my friend! We will miss having you guys on the same side of the globe! No more brunches for me when Panda's not around... sob sob sob. See you back home!!

We were the last table to leave! Hahaha! Good things take time to enjoy!

Partners in crime at Kate Spade, Livermore
P/S: Was educated today on the Premium Outlets VIP Shopping Club. You sign up for free online, then get a voucher to exchange for a coupon book that gets you additional discounts (on top of other discounts). Woah!


  1. Thanks for accompanying us on our last days in the West Coast. Keep your updates coming, gonna live through your blog posts now!

  2. You are most welcome! It's great seeing you guys enjoy all the local food! Makes me drool!

    Hope the kids are adapting well to the hot and humid weather, and you both rest well before work starts again OK!