Monday, October 28, 2013

Where has the weekend gone?

Oops. The weekend's over already?

Panda had finally gotten his visa issues settled and flew back yesterday - hooray! That's after being away for more than 2 weeks, much longer than we had anticipated. But I was doing alright here on my own, thanks to my awesome friends, who kept bringing food and inviting me over for dinners. On Friday night, I decided it was my turn to host and did a simple dinner.

On Saturday, we made an impromptu shopping trip to Marina Square Centre, San Leandro. The Nike Clearance store was located there and it's pretty cool, carrying more variety than outlet stores. I had to exercise A LOT of self-restraint, telling myself I have enough sports gear and I don't need another set of top, pants and jacket. But the wall of defense sort of fell when we went to Gap. Jo and I each bought a puffy vest. Well, that I don't have yet!
Sunday's pretty much a Cupertino day! I finally had a chance to try Layang Layang, which everyone opined tastes better than Shiok, the other Singaporean/Malaysian restaurant. I was debating between Mee Goreng, Nasi Lemak and Hor Fun. In the end, Hor Fun won and I loved it! Also tried a little bit of their Char Kway Teow. It's not too bad.

I forgot to mention that the reason we were in Cupertino in the first place was KTV. The gang had been itching to go for some time but we decided to wait for Panda. So while he was still somewhat jet-lagging, he gamely went with us. The sound system at Music Tunnel KTV is nothing to shout about (well, compared to those in Asia) but we still had tons of fun. The best thing was that we could order bubble tea and other snacks from the counter! Oh yums. And we only paid $20 each for 3.5 hours of singing.

We requested a tour of Cupertino from Len after KTV and he dutifully brought us to see the Merlion statue and Cupertino Village, where one can find a gigantic Ranch 99 supermarket and all kinds of Chinese cuisine. We wanted to try the porridge place at the village but it was unfortunately closed, so we headed to another one at Milpitas some 20 minutes away, called The Porridge - Mei Garden. The food is pretty simple, but I absolutely love it for it's home-cooked taste. 菜圃蛋 (fried egg with preserved radish) is the best!

Before heading home, we checked out Milpitas Square, another Chinese shopping complex with restaurants and a smaller Ranch 99 supermarket. I didn't even realise we have so many restaurant choices near us. The next time I have visitors who love Asian food, I'll be sure to head down to Cupertino.

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