Thursday, December 4, 2014

Photoshoot in San Francisco

Remember the time where I was looking for a white dress, because I wanted to do a photo shoot in beautiful San Francisco? Well, my wish was totally granted! As a farewell gift to Panda and I, the girls bought us a 2-hr photoshoot with Laurie Ann Martin Photography. (Love these sweetie pies!) We could choose one or two iconic places in San Francisco to snap away our goodbyes to this beautiful city.

Immediate thoughts: Where should we go?? What should we wear?? We toyed with the crazy idea of dressing in our trusted hoodies and pushing carts in front of Costco, Marshalls, Safeway and Target. Honestly, these megamarts are a huge part of our US life and something we will sorely miss! On the other hand, there are so many other quaint little places in the city. We wouldn't want to miss those out either. What a dilemma.

After speaking to LA, the photographer, we agreed on Washington Square Park, Little Italy. I have always loved driving past this colourful neighbourhood, lined with restaurants and alfresco cafes. I imagined us doing funny shots at the cafes and alleys.

In the morning of the shoot, however, it was pouring so badly that we had to change locale. We ended up at the Palace of Fine Arts, a popular location for engagement shoots with its dramatic columns and dome.

Thank God, the weather cleared as we were reaching. We had awesome sunlight through the huge rotunda, and the water puddles gave us such lovely reflections. With my off white dress and Panda's suit, we did end up like we were getting married all over again!

Sneak preview from Jo's iPhone. (Thanks for being our assistant for the day!) Actual photos to come in 2-3 weeks. Thanking the girls once again for this thoughtful gift!

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