Thursday, July 18, 2013

Third time lucky

That's my make shift cardboard hair salon in the toilet. We ran out of white plastic table wraps which we used to lay on the floor to catch the falling hair. So we used a box big enough to sit Panda in and taped brown paper all around it. Recycled materials rock.

We managed to catch most of the hair - no clumps were found on the floor after the haircut! As for the hair that fell on Panda's body, I took a clear plastic bag (those you used to hold veggies and fruits), put my hand inside like a glove, and used it to swipe his back clean. I read somewhere that because of static, hair clings stubbornly onto plastic. And it worked perfectly.

It's my third time cutting hair for Panda. This time round, he looks less like an onion or an army cadet,  he looks normal. It's a big achievement.

I used the same set of hair clipper kit, #6 for behind, #8 for the top (lightly brushing instead of ploughing), #3 on the sides and finally, the bare shaver to clean the neck at the back. Of course, trimming around the ear with scissors.

Panda looks extremely happy after his haircut. He always does. Bye bye to that thick helmet of hair on his head!

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