Monday, July 8, 2013

Fourth of July picnic and fireworks!

Photos galore! Of our simple two-person fruits and wine picnic by the lake... in contrast to all the big family activities happening around us. There we were, sitting under the smoking hot sun and basking in the smell of BBQ food that's cooking a few steps away.

We've always wanted to see what Fourth of July is like in US. It's after all the biggest holiday ever in celebration of the country's independence. So we packed some fruits and wine and snacks in a bag, and headed out to the lake near home. Little did we know that the right thing to do was to bring your own pit and call the whole village out to have an awesome BBQ! Everyone was cooking... so much so that there wasn't much need for the food stalls, except maybe for the shaved ice. I was tempted to get some too since we were melting under the sun.

In the evening we had a mini pot luck with new friends from EDB and watched the much anticipated fireworks right in FC. I couldn't capture the pretty blooming fireworks with my iPhone so I tried to take a clip. It's still blur but listen up for the atmosphere (sound effect courtesy of little Emma)!

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