Saturday, July 20, 2013

Who's tired of Napa Valley?

It's my nth time to Napa Valley. Yes it is. I always do the same route: Cafe Sarafornia at Calistoga, Sterling Vineyard, Castello di Amorosa, Oxbow Public Market, Mini Mango Thai Bistro.

Boring? Tell me after you've taken a look at the photos. 

Wild Cat Scrambler at Cafe Sarafornia
Pizza and cheese platter at Sterling Vineyard
8 element wrap at Mini Mango
Papaya Salad
Thai ice tea and that small bowl of Tom Yum Prawn
Green curry chicken
Pad Thai
Sauteed seasonal greens
Food is a major feature as much as wine at Napa Valley. So who gets tired of wine and these delicious oh-nom-nom-noms amid pretty scenery? Nobody! Plus, we have the company of the bubbly Low family today - Panda's newfound buddy loves free breadsticks as much as he does. I think it's because of him that we get frequent refills of free breadsticks.

Breadsticks can also be used as drumsticks to make happy music! 
It's only Panda's second time to Napa Valley. I've always wanted to take a photo with him in the vineyards under the sun but alas, 'under the sun' seems to be inappropriate today because I couldn't even open my eyes.

There I have it. My romantic closed eyes, sweaty photo with the hubs. Be careful what you wish for, so they said!

I'd like to think it's still a pretty photo. 

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