Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Why I'm on a hunt for dresses

Tell you a secret. I've been looking at white dresses like these.

When Panda and I had our wedding three years ago, we were on a tight budget and so our bridal shoots were really simple. We went to a place in China where we bought the basic photography package. The photos turned out fine (better than we expected!) but you can never imagine the process of making those shots! From time to time, we still joke about our 'experience'.

It was extremely painful to comb that princess-y hair... and check out Panda's overly thick brows! Haha.

When I first knew that we would be relocating to US, I was really excited - we could make use of the lovely scenery to take anniversary/couple shots! It doesn't have to be professionally done (since we are still on budget living!). I could DIY my own hair and make up, set up the tripod, and just have fun! The wineries at Napa, the city scape in San Francisco... all we need are just quirky ideas and loads of time.

And of course, nice dresses to go with the lovely photos!

Spring in Yosemite

So if anyone has nice dresses to recommend, please share!

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