Friday, July 19, 2013

Concerts in the park rock!

On our fridge was a brochure about the series of summer concerts in Leo J Ryan Park at FC every Friday. Since we had nothing to do this evening, we strolled to the park a little after seven, an hour after the concert started, to enjoy a little post-dinner music in the evening breeze.

BIG MISTAKE. We should have arrived way before the concert starts. We heard rock music from afar and as we drew near, what greeted us was a sea of people at the amphitheater. People young and old; dancing, drinking, eating, chatting, giggling, screaming. There were even some boats parked at the side of lake where folks just chilled with their wine. (Again, we were stumped by the sheer number of inhabitants in this community. Where were they hiding in winter?)

At first shocked and shy to what we thought was a quiet evening of music, we soon found ourselves wiggling along with the crowd and getting rather high. The rock-your-body vibes from the band 'Hot for Teacher' was contagious. The crowd got wilder with each song and went mad when the organiser announced that we are all gonna be on TV because a film crew is coming.

We only saw the second half of the concert but I was already telling Panda that if we have the chance to come again - there are four more - we will have to bring our picnic blanket and come earlier to get good seats. We don't get things like that back home. Youngsters think it's 'uncool'; the older ones think it's embarrassing to dance. We are indeed a self-conscious lot. Since we are here, we better take advantage of the freedom to just do our body wiggles and have lots of fun like everyone else!

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