Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Minion attack!

I woke up late on the sofa bed this morning (correction: afternoon) cos Panda was snoring away the whole night. Not that I blame him... he has a greater say now that he's the one who has to wake up early to go to work while I laze around at home.

Just when I was wondering groggily what to have for lunch, Panda texted me from office to ask if I want any lunch. Tears of joy. Was craving for McDonald's so I placed my lunch order of filet-o-fish and fries.

Along with my personal lunch delivery came a $1.90 surprise... a minion! I haven't watch Despicable Me 2 yet but I love these tiny yellow tubey looking creatures. They are stupid, crazy, lazy, hardworking, evil and cute at the same time.

Simply put, they are awesome.

I name most of my stuff, just like how I name my car, my suitcases, my GPS etc. I'm going to name my minion Pee, to honour Panda the real life minion in my life. And that's a compliment!

(P/S: Introducing Quil, a brother of Pee. They have been tasked to look after our toilet for now.)

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