Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Test(bread) for Nordic Ware Reversible Grill Griddle

Target is totally disrupting our budget life because I always find something interesting to buy. The latest item is a cast aluminium reversible grill griddle from Nordic Ware. You can grill stuff on one side to achieve those pretty brown sear lines on your meat and vegetables; on the other side, you can pretend to be a chef at those (Name)'s Place/Caf√© and cook up fried bacon and eggs and pancakes for brunch.
The instruction said two burners for maximum cooking capacity, so I lay it across my stove like this. It's too short if I did it width wise.
I did a bacon and egg sandwich for Panda in the morning, then a simple grilled egg mayo sandwich for lunch. I was quite pleased with the results from my test(bread).

To up the level for dinner, I tried to do pan sear salmon and teppanyaki pork slices at the same time since there was enough space on the grill griddle. The dishes were yummy but I ended up with oil splatters all over the stove! While I could use a cover for my frying pan, it's completely open for the grill griddle unless we buy a teppanyaki cover.

It's still fun to use the grill griddle for cooking, but I'd say the following tips could help:
- Control the heat/fire. Aluminium heats up rather quickly and you don't want to burn your food.
- I think butter splatters less than oil so use the former if you can!
- Wash both sides thoroughly after using. I saw butter marks in the shape of the burner on the OTHER side after I finished cooking. Not pretty.

I'm not sure how much this costs back home but Target is selling it at $29.90. It's a value buy, considering its dual functionality.

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