Monday, July 1, 2013

Of rainbow colours and pretty flashy outfits!

What do you think of these colourful photos?

Our friend Ryan was in town this weekend so Panda and I decided that we might as well drive down to meet him and watch the Pride Parade! Personally I don't support the LGBT cause because I believe that the bible clearly states God's stand on homosexuality. But I have gay friends and I still love them for who they are. I don't encourage the issue but I think it's not my place to judge anyone.

Anyway, I was telling Panda that the parade seemed more like a mass advertising platform for different companies! We saw Chipotle, Yahoo, United Airways etc. But I really love the rainbow colours, the flashy costumes and the lively atmosphere. Even the organisers were decked in bright pretty fluffy outfits!

And... there were loads of nakedness! Some said it was daring, some said it was ugly. I was amused and flabbergasted at the same time given that it was my very first time seeing naked men on the streets.


If I were to choose my favourite team, I'd give my vote to the BART folks for that little train that came trailing behind. It even had a giant rainbow cap on it. It was really cute.

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