Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bang bangs again

The first time I tried to cut my own bangs was when I was 3 or 4 years old.

I recalled sitting in one corner while my grandparents were busy playing majong. I recalled picking up a pair of scissors, looking into a small mirror and cutting my own hair. After that, I was caned so badly by Grandpa that I hid under the staircase and would not come out until Grandma offered me chocolates. He didn't cane me for cutting my hair actually. He canned me for lying in school and telling my teachers that my haywire hairstyle was cut by my grandparents.

Grandpa taught me not to lie. Perhaps also the lesson of not messing with your own hair unless you are sure you won't look like a wreck.

I cut my own bangs again this week cos it's been too long since the last haircut back home. Thankfully, my hairstylist gave me some pointers for a side swept a few months ago. I also trimmed the hair that's framing the face by taking a sizeable portion from the side (about 2cm in width), angling my scissors downwards, and sliding it down gently from below the cheekbone. My hairstylist does it slightly differently with more hair, but I am not so daring yet. 

I quite like the wispy feel. It looks neater too.

And I think Grandpa won't be too angry if he sees this.

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