Sunday, July 14, 2013



Where's everyone going with the colourful pails? Why's Panda filling up our recycled tea bottles? It's the Walk4Water event at Open Door Church!

Open Door Church organised an one-mile walk today to simulate the experience of villagers in rural Africa. MPPC (the mother church) will donate $25 towards clean water projects for every person who participates. It was only a short walk up the hill behind church to a 'water source' to collect water with our containers. I weighed my bottles when we were back at church. It was 2 lbs each but it seemed pretty heavy.

Living in developed countries, we often take water availability for granted. We have taps, we have bottled water, we even have water sources like lakes and seaside to enjoy.

Do you know that in less developed countries, even if the villagers have a well which they could use, the water may not be safe for consumption? They have to rely on trucks that transport clean drinking water to where they live. They drink from plastic bags. That said, with wells, hygiene conditions can be improved.

It's easy to find figures from the Internet. The number of people who die from water related diseases every year; the percentage of world population that does not have access to water and sanitation facilities. BUT, if we don't contribute in whatever small way we can, figures will always remain as... figures. Hopefully, with our short walk, more money can be donated to clean water projects in Jesus' name. Amen!

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