Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Oh pretty (but wrong) stamp

Sis told me that back in our home church Rev Song will be stepping down as a pastor by year end due to health. I have always enjoyed his sermons and thought it was a great loss to the church. So I decided to send a card to him in case we don't have a chance to see him before he goes.
The sweet lady at the post office gave me a stamp which was different from the normal global ones I bought to send cards home. She said they just produced this; it's really cute - featuring Point Judith from Rhone Island, part of the New England Coastal Lighthouses series.
I happily admired the stamp at home, even took a few photos of it, before pasting it carefully on the envelope.
But horror of horrors when I got curious and went online to see what other designs there were for global stamps. Turns out, there was just ONE design for global stamps! The lady at the post office had mistakenly given me a stamp that was meant for USA only.
I am now contemplating if I should tear this stamp out and keep it as a souvenir, or just leave it as it is and stick a regular global one next to it. Would it confuse the postman?
Either way, I'll have to make a trip back to the post office again. Punishment for being overexcited about something pretty and not checking my purchases.

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