Saturday, August 3, 2013

We love picnics in the park!

And the best expression goes to... Panda the guy who's gonna eat my skewers.

What's it about picnics that we love? Perhaps, the fact that we are not able to do it back home. Not in that tropical weather. We will either be drenched in sweat from that sweltering heat or rain from those sudden downpours.

So we were glad to have caught the second last band from the park concert series at Leo J Ryan Park. This time we got there half an hour early to secure our picnic space before it's swarmed with people. 

We tried to stretch out our mat and place our bags around the area to secure more sitting space for our friends; they were politely but firmly pushed back to us by others. Strictly first-come-first-serve. Oops.

Being novice picnickers, the grandeur of others' set-ups always amazed us. Tables, chairs, candles, pets, wine glasses, bread baskets, doggy fence. Panda said that if we are staying for another year, we really have invest in a portable table.

I think it's to prevent me from spilling wine/beer/water/drinks all over the place. Or using my shoe as a substitute cup holder. I'm guessing this is pretty common in US.

It works, that is, if you don't mind the smell.

I didn't have time to prepare a proper dinner, so was grateful when more food and munchies arrived. In the end we have staples from the Leows, snacks from the Lows, and some skewers and madeleines from me. But food is always secondary to me at picnics. It's really the company and chit chats that count.

When it comes to picnic food, simplicity is really the best!

I'll be the first to feel sad when summer ends.

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