Saturday, August 10, 2013

We are still not in Edmonton.. what?!

Maybe I should write 'totally MARRIED' instead! They will be by the time we reach!

Panda's snoring away in the living room. I'm still waiting for my hair to dry before trying to catch some sleep.

We should have reached Edmonton by now, but we are not! We are still stuck at home, no thanks to United Airlines which cancelled our flight 4 hours before we were scheduled to fly.

Mind you, it came in an email which cheerfully states that the flight is cancelled and we are confirmed on another flight reaching on Sunday night. When the wedding is long, long over!

And there's no explanation whatsoever.

It's the first time I had a flight cancelled on me at such a last minute. When Panda gasped, "our flight is CANCELLED?!" just when we were about to get ready for airport, I was stunned for a good 15 minutes before moving into action and frantically calling the airlines.

Believe me, we were literally on the phone with them for 3 hours, getting put on hold, arguing with them that there are seats available on other airlines before we finally settled the tickets. Panda's resourcefulness on the internet and persistence paid off, and United Airlines agreed to rebook us on the earliest Air Canada flight out tomorrow to Edmonton, transiting at Vancouver.

We are gonna miss the church wedding, but will be in time for the traditional dinner.

Boy was I looking forward to the church wedding and the tea ceremony. Gugu said I could help decorate the house and I was still doing some letters this afternoon. I guess we won't be using these now. Bummer.

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