Monday, August 5, 2013

Let's go for a movie!

Panda's ecstatic about our movie marathon

We had a movie date at downtown San Mateo today! We've bought vouchers from Red Robin and with it came free tickets for... Wolverine!

Unlike back home, what's interesting about watching movies in US is that there's no pre-selected seats. It's free seating as long as you have a ticket.

That also means you can sneak into other theatres to continue watching after your movie ended. We learnt that it's what the locals do. Just make sure there are plenty of seats and you don't get caught.

So we tried it today. It was pretty funny trying to check what's the next movie on the list nonchalantly. We wanted to watch Despicable Me 2 but the timing wasn't right. In the end, we caught Wolverine and Pacific Rim.

Both were great action packed films but it's probably not a great idea to watch them back to back. By the time we came out of the theatres, our minds were boggled with too much flashy images and loud sound effects.

It also didn't help that both had similar story lines - Asian city backdrop, American heroes working with Japanese female sidekicks, America saves the world or the girl. Hollywood productions are predictable, huh?

That said, we still enjoyed our movie experience. I love the fact that people are encouraged not to call and text in the cinemas here. It's a joy to be able to finish a movie without ringtones, Hellos and bright phone screens.

Wish we had a similar movie culture back home.

Continuing the Japanese theme, my miniscule palm-sized 50ml Choya at dinner.

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