Thursday, August 8, 2013

I'm ready for the wedding!

Loving the simplicity of the new nail colour
We will be heading to Edmonton, Canada tomorrow to attend a wedding. Panda will be flying back almost immediately for work and I will be staying on to have a few days of vacation with my aunt in Whistler, Vancouver. Life is great!

SensatioNail was having a promotion on their gelish polish at Target so I got the taupe colour (confession: I have no idea what taupe is before this). I must say this nudish colour is rather pretty, just nice for weddings.

Dad and Mom gave us some money for the traditional Chinese red packet for the wedding couple. Panda and I also decided to get something for the hosts (the parents), my aunt (who sponsored our tickets) and the wedding couple.

We got something from Coach for the older folks earlier at Gilroy. As for the younger couple, we decided to go with a photo frame. Not very original but I thought it's always good to have nice photo frames at home to remind us of memorable moments.

Added a little personal touch to the frame to celebrate the start of a new family. What do you think? :)
Sprawled on the living room floor in my PJs doing a little craft

Their name in pearl beads and a felt flower for the wedding couple.

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