Monday, August 26, 2013

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom: Too old for rides?

As fast as Superman!

We've always wondered what that colourful theme park is whenever we drive past Vallejo to Napa Valley. And we found out - it's Six Flags Discovery Kingdom!

Panda is not a real fan of thrill rides but yesterday in the spirit of celebrating Vic's birthday, he got up the courage to go with the rest of the gang. I am a big fan of theme parks and thrill rides (it runs in the family) so it was an absolutely awesome outing for me.

My personal favourites are the Superman Ultimate Flight and Vertical Velocity - talk about going at high speeds! I love the sense of fear and anticipation as we stand in the queue and hear others scream.

I didn't really like Kong and Roar because they rocked too much and I kept bumping my head against the safety gear, resulting in a post-ride headache! But Medusa is nice, Boomerang is not too bad, SkyScreamer and Tazmanian Devil are pleasant - kinda like taking swings in the park.

We also did some of the family friendly stuff, more for Panda and Jo who were not keen on thrill rides. We had a blast at White Water Safari. Poor Jo was TOTALLY drenched from head to toe when the raft went right under the waterfall; we had to dry ourselves at the ladies after the ride! We also took a walk down memory lane with bumper buggies - it's the longest queue ever cos there were so many kids.

The (H)ero and the Superman in action

Not for the faint hearted

Other than rides, Six Flags had animals like tigers and giraffes and elephants and dolphins; it's a pity we didn't get to see them all! We also didn't watch any shows cos there was just not enough time.

We could have stayed longer but we needed to drive more than an hour home. We had a nice dinner at downtown San Mateo for the birthday boy, hung out for a while at Jo and Vic's place before collapsing on our own beds. We were exhausted from being out in the sun for too long, but it was such a great day!

We had so much fun at Six Flags!


  1. Us, on the other hand, saw all the animals and the shows and took none of the thrill rides! Haha.

  2. Hahaha go without the kiddos next time! The rides are nice!