Sunday, August 4, 2013

Photo of the day: big guy, small guy

Little Zane decided that he wants to hide his face in Panda's bum.
We shopped at Gilroy today with the Low family (Thanks for driving us!) Found great presents for our family friends who will be hosting us at the upcoming Canadian trips.
We also snatched up some fabulous buys. My best purchase has got to be the flowy Kenneth Cole Tanya dress. It's such a comfy fit that I bought two colours of the same design (lime and black). Then I instigated Wendy to buy one too. We must share good stuff, right?
The highlight of the day has got to be little Zane. We highly suspect there might be some super chemical in his baby food. His energy bar was fully charged the entire day.
He also made Panda very happy, because "Uncle" (and all parts related, bum included) is apparently his best friend today. It's such an amusement to watch the both of them. The big guy and the tiny guy.
We managed to complete our shopping and dinner just in time for little Zane to go home to sleep. All four adults were also ready to hit the sack. We were exhausted from a day of shopping but satisfied with a stomach full of yummy crabs!

The Boiling Crab, San Jose, at 9.45pm.
The best time to go is really after 9pm, cos the queues will be gone!

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