Friday, August 30, 2013

Picnic lunch at Coyote Point Park

Our picnic spread - we are all small eaters!
The FC Housewives Club had a picnic lunch at Coyote Point Park today! It's a mere 10-minute drive from home and can be easily reached by the Peninsular Ave exit from US-101.

Yelp's review of the park is so varied and I guess it really depends on which time of the year you go. To us on a weekday afternoon, it seemed like a secluded place by the marina. There's barely any other visitors except for the occasional seagull or goose which threatened to come too near to our food. (Ok, I have an irrational fear of fowl.)

There are also plenty of BBQ pits and picnic benches around the park, all surprisingly clean. For families with kids, there's a big playground with swings and slides. We kept trying to find the one with the dragon mouth for Z but guess it's not near the BBQ pits! Still we had fun on the swings; with every push Z giggled and sang "Wheeeeeeee!"

At the end of the picnic I started to grab 'victims' to help model my new felt flower hair pin. (It's pretty hard to do selfies with hair items!) Poor Jo, the birthday girl, had the 'honour' of having a flower planted in her hair. But I think the photos came out really nicely. The flower looked pretty with her long flowy mane! Love the effect!

That little white jasmine flower as modelled by Jo! (more photos here)

We packed up early cos I have to prepare for my Toronto/New York trip the next day. We didn't visit CuriOdyssey - a science and wildlife centre within the park, nor explore the trails further. I'm pretty sure that's much more to Coyote Point Park than what we've seen today. Pity that we'd have to pay another $6 to go in again next time!

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