Wednesday, August 7, 2013

At least I did as I believe

Simple chic with sandstone felt. Work involved lopping the wire within, and sewing the centre to secure it.

Ever since I set up SGUS on Etsy, I've gone back to my working mode. I can't stop thinking about new creations; there's always something to look forward to everyday!

I think Panda is half-amused, half-worried about my little project. He has always wanted me to start something since I have all the time in the world. He suggested writing children ministry programmes, writing story books, or setting up a personal shopper business like one of my friends.

But he knew I had an interest in doing crafts, so he allowed me to indulge a little in materials and tools. I go to him for advice on designs, pricing and everything else.

It's wonderful to have a husband that supports you. It may seem like a small thing to him, but it means a lot to me.

It's fun monitoring the shop stats and even though I haven't have any real business yet, I'm happy to have taken the courage to do it.

That's the Silicon Valley spirit, isn't it? Have an idea, do it. If it works, great job. If it flops, learn your lessons and keep trying.

Don't be afraid of success or failure.


P/S: I just occurred to me that I went to Joann and Michaels the other day with (Joann)a and (Michael)Angel(o). Heeheehee. I think it's quite funny! 

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