Friday, September 13, 2013

Toronto sparkles because of you!

At Clifton Hill, the Street of Fun by the Falls.

What's there to do in Toronto? Panda asked me when we were planning to visit Uncle Chris and family. My last trip to Toronto was with my family way back in secondary school (15 years ago?) and I only remembered Niagara Falls and CN Tower.

C'est tout.

So our plan was to stay 6 nights in Toronto, take it slow, do our research on New York City where we are heading next, eat, sleep. We envisioned it to be extremely relaxed and laid back.

But it turned out to be so much more than what we had planned, thanks to Kevin and Agnes! We had a full sightseeing tour near Niagara Falls (Peller Estates Winery, Clifton Hill) before taking the Maid of the Mist (almost) into the Falls. We also ate poutine, a Canadian speciality. I love fries so it's perfect for me.

Drenched if not for the little blue ponchos! 
Uncle Chris and Auntie Jessie also pampered us so much with home-cooked food. Steamed garlic lobsters, smoked salmon, Canadian BBQ at home! We miss it so much now that we are back.

BBQ in the backyard

We spent the rest of the days checking out Chinese malls around Markham (Pacific Mall and Market Village are so Hong Kong-y!) and taking the TTC downtown to visit the places of interest. We decided that the CN Tower was not worth the money so we went on to other places. I heart the shopping strip near Yonge-Dundas Square, and St Lawrence Market.

Shopping street at downtown Toronto
The many shops inside St Lawrence Market

We also wanted to check out the cornfield maze; we heard that they can grow taller than a person and you can lose yourself in it! Unfortunately, the weather was gloomy most of the time and we couldn't go. Something to look forward to next time.

A shout out to Uncle Chris, Auntie Jessie, Agnes and Kevin here... thank you for taking such good care of us in Toronto!

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