Friday, September 20, 2013

Changing seasons, changing moods

I feel absolutely lazy today. The weather has been a little off lately (we are going into fall!) and the temperature at Bay Area has been going up and down like a swing. We had warm, cool, warm, then cool weather again today.

According to The Weather Channel, we are gonna have some showers tomorrow too.

No complaints because I love all seasons. While summer was a time for tanks and shorts, fall is the time for light scarves and boot boot! The only thing is that I have to remind myself to be diligent in putting moisturiser after shower. I could get away with that in summer. Fall and winter is a totally different story.

And in line with the changing seasons, I made another hair clip yesterday. Mustard yellow for fall. Jo said it's like a blueberry tart, so I have named it Blueberry Dreams. Yummy, yummy!

So back to my lazy mood, I am supposed to be preparing for the coming Sunday School lesson (I've started teaching Kinder/1st Graders with a sweet young lady!) But as the gloomy weather would have it, it's a slow, slow day.

Case in point, it's 4pm and I'm still too lazy to make my lunch.

And perhaps I'm still recovering from the all-nighter I pulled for an online assignment I took up. Check out the page if you can read Cantonese. It's actually quite fun and it gets my rusty old brain going again. But I was knocked out at the end of it, at 6.30am.

Old age + lack of sleep + changing seasons = one dishevelled looking woman at home.

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