Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Reversed French manicure

It's meant to be a reversed French manicure i.e. dark tip on a nude colour. But I should have known (never can draw proper lines without a ruler!) Two hours later, I ended up with this... stripe-y pointy looking tip?

Oops. I shall try harder next time.

Still hoping that it'll look nice despite the failed lines

On a related note, am getting a little bored with the colour range for gelish. I've had glittery nails before but the brands at Target only carry block colours for gelish. I'm thinking of heading over to Michaels or Jo-Ann to buy glitter and sprinkle it on next time.

Speaking of Target, I've finally earned enough 'kicks' to redeem a $10 gift card (yay!!!) Panda downloaded this awesome App for me eons ago but I always thought it's a waste of time, until he redeemed $5, then $25, and then another $25 from this App. Part of our new vacuum cleaner was paid with this!

Hunt for the said item and scan it!

Panda said I finally learn to appreciate his enthusiasm over Apps like that. The other one is where you earn a few cents for every survey you do, and once you accumulate enough you can cash it. We have yet to earn the minimum amount, but let's see how it goes!

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