Thursday, September 26, 2013

Comfort food that spells 'home'

There's nothing like home-cooked food. Especially food that's from your home country!

Was invited to Wendy's place to have claypot rice and bak kut teh today. They are easily two of my favourite dishes because I love hot soupy stuff and I love rice. Add Chinese sausage and mushroom to steaming hot rice and tau pok to soak up the peppery soup... I felt like I was in food heaven.

The two lovelies with whom I hang out in FC
Claypot rice is best with Chinese sausage. Oh-so-fragrant!
Get good pork ribs for the soup. And tau pok to soak it up!

Wendy said she used the recipe from noobcook for the claypot dish (by the way noobcook is highly recommended for Asian cooking). I'm tempted to buy a claypot too but I'm not sure if I'd use it often enough - it's just Panda and me most of the time.

Plus, I read that you need to prep the claypot first and then clean it with extra care. Use lemon or vinegar to clean it as the porous material might absorb the soap detergent. Hmmm... Sounds like a lot of effort?

On a separate note, we hit the gym before going over to Wendy's and I didn't have time to wash my hair. So I used dried shampoo to clean and puff it up, backcomb the pony tail before looping a top bun. (The new comb is good for backcombing!)

I finally master that messy bun without using a hair sponge after all these years. I'm such a late adopter/learner... but I must say it's the best thing ever for bad hair or dirty hair days. Yay!

All bundled up!

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