Saturday, July 12, 2014

Man collapses at Foster City summer concert

The Foster City Housewives' Club organised a picnic dinner at the Leo J Ryan Park today! It was the first of the summer concert series. We had so much fun last year (here and here!) that we had to do it again... and better! A bigger group,  better food, proper tables and chairs. We were gonna have a fabulous evening!

We expected loads of dancing, eating and drinking. What we didn't expect was a major scare at the concert. 

We were seated away from the platform because the kiddos needed space to run around. Halfway through our picnic dinner, we noticed that the music has come to a halt. The band made an inaudible announcement and there was an unusual buzz among the audience. 

From a distance, we saw crowds of people starting to form near the dance floor. We suspected something was amiss when siren sounds followed and paramedics appeared minutes later, shouting at everyone to make way. We sent our reporter team - Len, Panda and Little Z - to the front to find out what happened. 

In the midst of all the gaiety, an elderly man had apparently suffered a cardiac arrest on the dance floor. The paramedics performed CPR on the spot to try to revive him.

We were held in suspense for the next 10 minutes. We thought he must be gone because the paramedics were still not rushing him to the hospital. Fortunately, we heard cheers moments later. When the stretcher went past us, the elderly man was on the ventilator and a drip. That must mean he was going to survive.

Thank God for this miracle! 

And the poor wife must have had a terrible scare. She was sobbing as she trailed behind the medical team. Her evening had just ended in the most frightening way.

The band followed up with mellower songs after that. People started to pack up because it was getting chilly. We decided to continue our party at Wendy's place.

What a start to the summer concerts. I hope there are no more such scares for the upcoming ones!

Photos courtesy of Kevin:

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