Thursday, July 24, 2014

The call of nature

By now, it's pretty obvious that I love gardens and nature!

We visited UC Berkeley Botanical Garden last Saturday because the Queen of Andes is flowering at 24 years old, an extraordinary phenomenon because they normally don't flower until 80-100 years old. I had expected that we would spend much time admiring the giant plant, taking loads of photos of it before heading off.

So wrong.

Turns out, we only took a brief look at the Queen, which really resembles an enormous asparagus (pardon my lack of respect to Her Majesty!), then started snapping away at all the other much more beautiful flowers in the garden.

Red Angels' Trumpet, Hybrid Tea Rose, Purple Coneflower, Purple Crown, Bulbine Latifolia, cactuses that look like my feet, festuca that's blue... the garden is so fascinating.

It's a pity that we couldn't enter the redwood groves because a wedding was taking place. It would have been lovely walking under the canopy.

We also made a beeline for the bees, pun intended. Recently, Panda has taken an interest in photographing bees and I wanted to give him a run for his money. Poor Kevin had to wait for us while we squatted at the bushes for the longest time, trying to get the best bee photos.

I think I did pretty well!

The UC Berkeley Botanical Garden is definitely a gem. If Filoli is an elegant lady, this garden is your sweet girl-next-door. 

Equally lovely, equally pretty.

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