Thursday, July 17, 2014

Moveable Feast at FC!

We finally went to FC's Moveable Feast today! Panda has been wanting to go but the timing always clashes with my French Club gatherings. Today, I decided to skip French and have a food truck dinner with the FC folks.

I have never been a big fan of food trucks because I find them overpriced and messy to eat at times. I mean, how do you hold your drink and eat your food at the same time? But when in US, do as the Americans do. Food trucks and music in summer it is!

No regrets, too. I was pleasantly surprised to see how well-organised the feast is. There are proper benches to put your food and plenty of red pails to sit on. The lines weren't long when we reached at 6pm, so I was able to get my pulled pork fries and hari cari chicken rice from MoBowl pretty fast. Yums! Panda bought some pretty awesome chicken from Seoulful Korean Fried Chicken, but I was hoping they would be more spicy.

There's also a live music segment, and mini goal posts for kids to play soccer. I find it cute that they put up a sign to say 'Please come out and play!' You probably won't get that in Singapore!

We brought our own chairs, of course, since we bought them especially for summer. They couldn't withstand the strong wind though; we had a couple flipping over. And we would have loved to stay longer if not for the chilly weather! 

Panda was saying that next time, we would bring our own hot flask to make coffee and tea, because that would have completed the evening in the park. Praying for even better weather for the rest of the summer!


[P/S: More photos from 6 Aug! The curly fries and shrimps with chipotle sauce from 3 Brothers' Kitchen was amazing. And the Hongry Kong Truck actually had non-flaky crust egg tarts which I love! Awww!]

Beautiful weather (although it was still quite windy)! And someone made a costume out of cardboards. Too cute!

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