Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nails: the imperfect black tip

My nails were totally ruined on the Seattle trip.

Struggling with the brolly in cold, wet weather. Uncapping the camera lens at the most inappropriate times. Wiping off snow from the windshield.

Another story, another blog post.

So even though I was dead tired from the trip (which turned out to be awesome despite the weather) I stayed up last night to re-do the manicure. I need something simple, something fast before I doze off face down on the LED lamp.

It would take me longer to do a full coat or a nice round tip, so I decided to draw some thick black lines near the tip and make some scratches across them instead. Fast, easy and mess-free. Perfectly imperfect. No one would know I did it with one eye closed, literally.

What do you think?

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