Thursday, February 20, 2014

Arts & Craft: Ocean Deep

It's been such a long time since I last created something for Etsy. I thought I should start again with something simple.
It's like exercising. If you haven't been doing it for some time, start with gentle stretching and a slow jog first.
So I doodled on a few pieces of paper, played around with the fabric, and got a really painful backache (the dining table is so not made for working/crafting). An hour or so later, I came up with... *drums rolling...* 
Ocean Deep!
Can you see the rolling, rolling waves?

Am happy to see the stark contrast of neon blue felt against army green suede. Rather pleased that I did an asymmetrical design for this too. Because having too much symmetry is kind of boring.

Sometimes we need a pinch of inconsistency, irregularity to spice up life.

And that's me, the conformist, talking?

Only when it comes to accessories.

On a separate note, I used the tripod to take product photos for the first time. I didn't realise how difficult it was to get the camera to focus properly. You can only estimate where to run and stand, and then you hope to get a nice, clear picture of the product.

There were several over-zealous photos of me puffing out my chest, hoping the camera could capture the pendant. Needless to say, they all came out looking very, very wrong.

I'm lucky there were a few usable ones.
After the umpteenth try
As usual, editing photos took another eternity. When I finally put up the item, it was already night time. My sore throat had worsen, and poor Panda had to cook dinner for the both of us because I just wasn't up for it.
Behind every successful woman, there's a man who does all the stuff.
So thank you.

Your love runs ocean deep. So is my gratitude.

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