Thursday, February 13, 2014

Low budget V-day rocks

I have no recollection of how we spent Valentine's Day last year. I think we ate Costco chicken at home. They're huge, they're cheap and they're yums. All that goodness in a $4.99 pack. They might be the only reason for signing up for Costco membership. Honest.

This year, I decided we should continue with our low budget tradition. I mean, we have everything we need and we have nth more V-days to celebrate. There's no need to overspend on presents, so says the currently jobless one.

So I came up with something creative.

Write down 4 wishes, drop them in a shoebox, then get the other to pick one. It must be something special that the other can do, or if it's a gift, it has to be below $10. No peeping!

And the results...
My wishes for him:
- Vacuum the floor and change the bed sheets once
- Buy me a new nail colour
- Make banana + chocolate muffins all by yourself
- 30-min moisturiser massage
His wishes for me:
- Prepare a picnic & go Half Moon Bay
- Sze to get another wish
- Sze to sew names on my new boxers
- Full body massage (min 1 hour)
I had an indignant 'hey!' moment when I compared our body massage request - his minimum 1-hr vs. my 30-min!? But he had the 'Sze to get another wish' card, so he escaped some serious beating.
He also said he was lucky not to pick the housekeeping or muffin-making card.
Last night, I honoured my end of the bargain by personalising his new boxers. I first gave him Massimo Dutti boxers, with initials sewn, on our 5th dating anniversary. I didn't know he liked them so much.
Since we are now in the Silicon Valley, I added '@' in front of his initials, just for fun. Hahaha.

I'm not sure if we will be eating out tonight as an early celebration. I won't mind another Costco chicken dinner actually. Even Mac is fine. I think it'll be fun to munch on nuggets while watching old movies. And I still have Ben & Jerry's ice-cream in the freezer.

(Note: I shall refrain from saying "Save that dining out money and give it to me to buy groceries!" because that's tantamount to admitting I've morphed into an supermarket auntie. Quelle horreur.)

I shall, instead, wait patiently for dear hubs to decide.

With any luck, I will be able to claim my prize of a 30-min moisturiser massage tonight too. Maybe I will set the clock a little slower, so that I can get an extra 15 minutes?

Yes. What an awesome idea.

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