Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My first WWE Live experience

I applaud Panda's continuing efforts to expose me to new stuff. This time, it's WWE Live at SAP Centre, San Jose. 
That is, even though I told him I won't understand and I would only be there for the hot dogs. (There's something amazing about hot dogs at sports games. Ooh, I love.) 
We got tickets at $41 per pax the week before, thanks to the Leow family. Because parking was at a whopping $20, we decided to go there early to explore the area and to see if we could find cheaper alternatives. We were rewarded for our 'effort' - secured street side parking along West St John Street for only one fifth of the cost. Yay! (I secretly love our budget life - cheap thrills of saving money here and there.) 
The rest of the money went into our dinner fund. There were a handful of restaurants and cafes along West Santa Clara Street and we settled for a grilled chicken sandwich between the two of us. We are not fussy eaters; simple food is the best. 
And then it was time to join the Leows, including little L, for a night of sweaty meaty action!
I must say the atmosphere was awesome. When we opened the door to get down to our seats, I had a WOAH! moment because the place was teeming with neon lights and the crowd was wild. It was basically what you see on TV, with the men thrash talking on stage and the 'diva' at the side, pounding her hands and trying to move the crowd.   
The friendly Intercontinental match at the start

Slam! Slam! Slam!

There was a diva match in the middle but it was more like a cat fight than wrestling. I loved the 6-men tag match which followed because there's more drama! Got introduced to Alberto Del Rio (check out his dimples!), Rey Mysterio (he's small but he's fast) and Cody Rhodes (just cute!). I think Panda somewhat regretted taking me to go watch wrestling.

The night culminated in the steel cage fight between Randy Orton and John Cena:

Cena! Cena!

Not done with you yet!

The crowd went crazy. There were two boys sitting behind us screaming their heads off. For a moment I wondered if we should impose age limit. I sure hope they don't practice the moves on their sisters or brothers!
Too bad for us, Cena lost in the end. Orton tried to finish him off with a chair after the bell rang (boo!) but he managed to crawl up and chased him off the stage (yay!).
Ok, I know. All these are scripted. But I still enjoyed myself.
That is, even though I didn't get to eat my hot dogs.
I wish I could take more close-up photos but my long lens got checked in by the security at the entrance. What a bummer. A tip to note for future, hide the lens in a make-up pouch or something! They are not that strict in checking but if there's a camera lens staring at them right in their eyes, they will take it!

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