Sunday, February 16, 2014

DIY hair and nails: a milestone?

Sometimes I don't know who's braver: Is it I, for cutting my husband's hair? Or is it the husband, for letting me cut his hair? 

I figured the husband is braver.

And he has a great sense of humour too. 

Check out what I did to him over the past year:

Jan 2013 - I need an onion for my fried rice.

Feb 2013 - Too soon to be celebrating the passing out parade, recruit!

Jul 2013 - Which farm were you from again, and how many cows you were looking after?

You can say that his patience finally paid off after a year of putting up with my (lack of) hairdressing skills. We got some tips from my hair stylist friend - pin up the top and shave the sides! - and eventually came up with a look that MAY pass off as a salon-cut:

Feb 2014 - hello Oppa!

I think that's by far the best I've done, and I'm tempted to celebrate this as a milestone in our DIY home salon.

But then again, I always feel accomplished as long as there's no bleeding involved and his ears are intact. Safety above all else, right?

On a related front, I did my nails again. This time round, Panda agreed to help with the nail art bit. See the black dotted lines? His work.

Not too bad for a first.

Giving my now wrinkly, housework-battered hands some colour

I think there's something sweet, something fun about doing frivolous stuff for each other.

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